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Winkleigh Parish Council meets every 4th Wednesday of the month, with the general exception of August and December. There will also be occasions when the Council will hold additional meetings which are required by circumstances or legal obligations. These additional meetings are denoted in the minutes as "extraordinary" meetings. The public are most welcome at these meetings and their attendance are both encouraged and desired.


Once a year between 1st March and 1st June the Council hold an Annual Parish Meeting (APM) where all local government electors for the parish are welcome. These electors are confirmed from the electoral register for the Parish, and if included then you are entitled to vote on matters during the meeting by a show of hands. Attendance at this meeting therefore allows you to vote on matters on the agenda within your community. Members of the public (non parish electors) are also welcome to attend but they will not be eligible to vote on matters during the meeting. The date and agenda for this meeting is displayed in advance on this website and the parish notice boards in Winkleigh and Hollocombe. 

Scheduled Meetings for 2019/20

Community Centre - 27th November 2019, 23rd January 2020, 27th February 2020, 27th March 2020, 24th April 2020

Community Centre 1st May 2020 (Annual Parish Meeting),

Village Hall 22nd May 2020 (Annual Parish Council Meeting

 Current Agenda

Next meeting Wednesday 27th November 2019, 7.30pm community centre





 AD063 - Projector and screen

 AD064 - Draft Budget 2020-21 report

AD065 - Winkleigh Sports Centre grant report 

AD066 - November Financial Statement 

AD067 - VE and VJ Day Events 

AD068 - local Electricity Bill Campaign 

AD069 - Airfield Liaison Protocol 





for next Meeting 27th November 2019


Application 1/0952/2019/LBC The Inglenooks, Fore Street, Winkleigh (Robert Wilmott) Conversion of existing workshop into a single car garage with external staircase to existing mezzanine


since last pcm 23rd October 2019

Grant of Planning Permission

1/0827/2019/AGMB Barn at Croft Cottage, Exeter Road, Winkleigh

Change of use of agricultural building to one dwelling under Class Q and associated development

1/0811/2019/FUL The Shippons, Winkleigh, Erection of conservatory to rear of the property


The Decisions and the Delegated Reports can be viewed at http ://www.torridge.gov.uk/planningonline.













 Minutes and Historic Agendas
*Denotes Extraordinary Meeting
2018 & 2019
2017 & 2016



23rd January 2019 & Agenda

27th February 2019Agenda

27th March 2019 & Agenda

24th April 2019 & Agenda

APM 1st May 2019 DRAFT & Agenda 

15th May 2019 APCMAgenda

26th June 2019  & Agenda

24th July 2019 & Agenda 

September 2019 & Agenda

October 2019 DRAFTAgenda


 22nd January 2018Agenda

6th March 2018 Agenda

28th March 2018 &  Agenda 

 25th April 2018Agenda

 2018 Annual Parish Meeting

23rd May 2018 APCM 

27th June 2018Agenda

25th July 2018 Agenda 

26th September 2018 & Agenda

24th October 2018  & Agenda

28th November 18 & Agenda


*18th January 2017 & (Agenda)

25th January 2017 & (Agenda)

22nd February 2017 & (Agenda)

22nd March 2017 & (Agenda)

*28th March 2017 & (Agenda)

26th April 2017 & (Agenda)

Annual Parish Meeting April 2017 & (Notice)

31st May 2017 APCM & (Agenda)

28th June 2017 & (Agenda)

26th July 2017 & (Agenda)

*9th August 2017 & (Agenda)

27th September 2017 & (Agenda)

25th October 2017 & (Agenda)

22nd November 2017 & Agenda

Councillor Apologies 2017




4th February 2016 

24th February 2016 

16th March 2016* 

23rd March 2016

20th April 2016 

APM April 2016 

25th May 2016 APCM 

22nd June 2016  

27th July 2016 

28th September 2016 

26th October 2016 

 2nd November 2016*

 30th November 2016



28th January 2015
25th February 2015
25th March 2015
15th April 2015*
22nd April 2015
27th May 2015 APCM
17th June 2015 APM
24th June 2015
22nd July 2015

23rd September 2015

28th October 2015

25th November 2015

16th December 2015*



8th January 2014 
  12th February 2014*
26th March 2014
23rd April 2014
28th May2014
4th June 2014*
25th June 2014
23rd July 2014
24th September 2014
22nd October 2014
26th November 2014
10th December 2014*



16th January 2013 
 27th February 2013
  27th March 2013
17th April 2013
22nd May 2013  
 29th May 2013*
12th June 2013*  
26th June 2013 
24th July 2013 
11th September 2013 
2nd October 2013*
23rd October 2013
27th November 2013