Village Walks

Walking around the village is not only good for you but also provides an insight into some of the village history and beauty of the surrounding countryside. We have put together 4 walks to give you a taster of our local area.

  • Walk 1: Wembworthy Walk

    Walk 2: Winkleigh to BroadwoodKelly

    Walk 3: North Tawton via Bondleigh

    Walk 4:Winkleigh Heritage Walk 

Wembworthy Walk- Explorer map 127. Approx. 2hrs. Steep and slippery in places. Dogs on leads through farmland.

  1. From Winkleigh, take the Eggesford Road to Wembworthy passing the Lymington Arms. Continue to the junction at Spekes Corner. Turn left to park in the lay-by further down.
  1. Walk back up to the junction, turn left and look for the footpath on your right. The official footpath is through the garden of the bungalow. However, an alternative route is along the lane to the side of the bungalow signedPermissive Path. This lane leads to Wembworthy Down Farm.
  1. Proceed down the lane to the farm buildings. Take the right hand track to the metal gates at the top. Take the left hand gate into the field. An alternative route to this point, avoiding the farmyard is as follows. Take the second gate on your right in the lane signed Permissive Path and follow the left hand hedge round to the corner. Continue into the adjoining field. You are now back on the official footpath. Proceed down the hill, keeping the hedge on your left. and go through the gate in the left hand corner of the field.
  1. Continue through the wooden gate into the woods and over a little bridge. There are two choices of walk here. The first crosses fields and has more road walking and the second passes through more forest.

The first choice:

  1. Once over the little bridge, continue straight ahead, through the gate and into the field. Continue diagonally left uphill, towards the wooden gate at the boundary of the woodland. Go through the gate and turn right following the track through the trees to the next gate. Pass through this gate and continue diagonally left to the metal gate in the corner. This gate takes you onto the road. Turn left and walk down to Eggesford Fourways.

The second choice:

  1. Once over the little bridge, continue straight ahead for a short distance, looking for the gate on your left, into Hayne Valley Plantation. Proceed through the gate and follow the track to the forest road. Take the left hand fork and continue on the forest road until you see a wooden gate ahead. Approx 50 yards before this gate, take the steep right hand track through the trees. Continue uphill to the gateway out of the forest. Follow the track to the next metal gate and into the field. Bear left and keeping the hedge on your left, continue to the gate leading to the road. Turn left and walk down to Eggesford Fourways.
  1. At Eggesford Fourways, turn left, following the sign for Eggesford Station. Continue walking downhill until you see a Bridle Path sign on your left. Follow this path, passing the entrance to The Old Glebe. A short way ahead, the path divides. Bear left, alongside the gardens. Continue until the path bears right towards a metal gate.
  1. Go through the gate and follow the path until you reach a fork. Take the left hand path downhill through the woods to the bridge at the bottom. Cross the bridge and climb up the stony path onto the forest road. Turn left and at the vehicle turning point, follow the way markers up the hill on your right into the woods. Go over the stile and follow the path, keeping the boundary on your right. It can be very slippery here. Ignore the metal gate in front of you and bear left, following the fence to the top edge of the wood. Cross the stream, continue uphill into the field, and walk straight ahead until you see the stile in the corner.
  1. Climb over the stile and keeping the hedge on your right, continue through the next two fields to the metal gate. Go through the gate and continue straight ahead through the next field to the stile. Once over the stile, there are two choices.
  1. The official footpath continues straight ahead to the next gate. Go through the gate and follow the path in between the cottages to the farmyard. Turn right and continue up the lane back to the road at Spekes Corner.
  1. An alternative, is to follow the Permissive Path sign once you are over the stile. This path takes you through the two metal gates on your right and into the field. Keeping the hedge on your left, continue along the field to the gate in the corner. Go through this gate and turn right, up the lane back to the road. This route avoids the cottages and farmyard.

For a longer walk, at Eggesford Fourways, take the Tarka Trail Footpath which leads to Eggesford Church, the Garden Centre and the Station. Please refer to Explorer map 127 for the route. Refreshments and a welcome break are available at the Garden Centre or at the Lymington Arms at Wembworthy.