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A Roadmap for the Future

Can we:

  • Influence housing development in the village?

  • Protect and enhance the village centre and its services?

  • Decide how money on new infrastructure is spent?

  • Collect money from developers to help overcome traffic and parking problems?

  • Choose where industry and employment go?

  • Protect important open spaces and green areas?

  • Look after our heritage and things we value?

  • Make sure Winkleigh thrives as a place to live and work?

The answer to all these questions is YES. By preparing a Neighbourhood Plan, the Parish can have statutory planning powers that enable it to have more say in the future.

Using the Community Plan (published in 2014) and Village Design Statement (published in September 2016) as a foundation, the Parish Council has decided to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan. This is a statutory planning document that sits alongside Torridge District Council’s Local Plan. Our Neighbourhood Plan has to fit in with the Local Plan (we can’t for example stop development that Torridge has identified) and gives the opportunity to put more “flesh on the bones” of the Local Plan’s policies. It is also a chance to give statutory weight to some of the ideas in our earlier plans.

There is a lot of work to do to make this a reality. Along the way there are opportunities for everyone to get involved. Before our Neighbourhood Plan becomes a statutory document it will have to show how the community has developed its shared vision and policies, undergo an Examination in Public and also be endorsed by a community referendum.

Full Document, Summary, Questionnaire

A small group, reporting to the Parish Council, has been set up to drive the work forward. Look out for news about progress and for chances to get involved. There will be regular updates in Distinctly Winkleigh. If you would like more information about the process (you can find out more on http://www.locality.org.uk/.) or feel you have the skills and energy to help, then please contact Wendy Mondy 01837 680022.

Neighbourhood Plan Working Group Members biogs
Torridge District Council Neighbourhood Plan web page info. http://www.torridge.gov.uk/article/11569/Neighbourhood-Planning
Acknowledgement of Receipt 30th January 2017
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